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Can we have cheese shipped to the United States?

No, we cannot ship cheese to the United States.

Is your cheese available in the United States?

No, unfortunately we cannot sell our cheese in the United States.

Is your cheese allowed to cross the boarder to the United States?

Yes, absolutely no problem. You are allowed to purchase cheese at our factory and cross it into the United States. Although, it is very important to declare the cheese while crossing.

How long does the cheese last?

The firm and semi-firm cheese can keep 4-6 weeks and the soft cheese can keep between 3-4 weeks. It is important to always refrigerate the cheese and keep it in the wax paper provided with the plastic bag.

Can we freeze your cheese?

We do not recommend freezing as it has tendency to dry out the cheese and create a granulated texture.

How much cheese is recommended per person for a Raclette or for a fondue?

We suggest 200g per person for a raclette and also 200g per person for a fondue supper. If you are only eating the fondue as an appetizer we then recommend 100g per person.

Do you make cheese with raw milk?

No, we only produce cheese made from pasteurized milk.

Do you make cheese curds?

No, we only produce fine cheese.

Where can we find your cheese other than directly at the cheese factory?

Our cheeses are available in chain and independent stores across Canada.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. We are closed on Sunday.

Is your site sercure?

In a word, yes! At the Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, we take your security to heart so the entire site is encrypted for the protection and confidentiality of your information. Note in the address bar of the website the padlock or website address that begins with “https: //“, this indicates that the site is secure and encrypted.

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