Mr. Fritz Kaiser, master cheese maker and leading pioneer in the creation of Canadian “Raclette” specializes in the production of firm and semi-firm, washed rind cheeses. Situated in Noyan, Mr. Fritz Kaiser began crafting his cheeses in 1981 according to traditions from his homeland Switzerland.

Over the years, he has developed a large assortment of handmade cheeses made with 100% high quality Canadian milk. Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser has also received many prestigious awards including the Grand Prix des Fromages Canadiens in 2004 and more recently, winning first place for many different cheeses at the American Cheese Society.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday
8 am to 5 pm
Closed on Sunday & Monday

Dairy Farmers of Canada - Quality Milk

Our Opening Hours

Sunday – Saturday
8 am to 5 pm
Closed on Sunday

Dairy Farmers of Canada - Quality Milk

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